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    For those of us who are still able to loosen the shackles of free thought, and those who are still willing to kick down the odd fence and take an unguided tour, or perhaps climb up out of the box we have allowed ourselves to be placed in, for a good unfiltered look (and a whiff perhaps); I offer information of empowerment and joy. While for the firmly entrenched, I offer a reality popping nightmare of foundation breaking information. Either way; where ever your current perspective sits, I reckon to challenge it, from the heart and for damn good reasons!


    Wellness, truth, and love for all…….


    Attila; the mad Hungarian


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Do we emit an “aura” or does the “aura” emit us?

Has mankind existed on Earth much longer than history entertains?

Is the Universe Conscious?

Next Generation Science for the Soul!

Shamanism and Alchemy Explored!

We may live in a “Black Hole” and that’s not the “freaky” part!

Does our soul travel a “Worm-hole” when we die?

Does Cosmic Consciousness Evolve?

Do standard explanations for our existence, really hold water?

Look for my video’s on youtube or torrents:each under it’s own title for the book.  I am a work in progress, check for more books, video and information as I grow.  Although it is a labor of love, at times it is a bit overwhelming!

Wellness, Truth, and Love for all........




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